Although the strength of these strands is quite low, it is preferred to have a wide range of use. At the same time because the edges are not fringed during the seam provides convenience. Nylon is produced from light and durable fibers such as polyester. By using the high strength and height of these fibers, light fibers are obtained in very different attitudes and performances. It is produced with non-woven surface technique in multi-volume or soft wires. Non-wovens are obtained by randomly distributing fibers along the length of the fibers It is. The randomly distributed wires are suitable for stretching in all directions. These wires can be cut economically. But the buttonhole is not sufficient in places exposed to force such as belts. Longitudinally oriented filaments with fiber structure provide a transverse direction of flexibility in the longitudinal direction. Pay attention to the length direction during the cut and the placement of the clothing must. It provides sufficient stability except knitted fabrics in transverse opening. In the knitted fabric, if the transverse buttonhole is not fixed, it does not perform the function of stretching and covering. Friction resistance to pilling is encountered.
There are three types of nonwovens;
  • Nice to come; The fibers are arranged arbitrarily. So the resistance in any direction is low.
  • Parallel; the fibers are arranged in the direction of the length of the structure and give the wire the flexibility in the most direction.
  • Cross; The fibers were placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the axis and aimed to increase the height and height resistance.
Usage Areas

Spunbond Nonwoven

  • Antibacterial
  • Laminating application
  • 100% Recycling
  • Max. 90 heat resistance
  • 100% PP
  • Economical
  • Cutting for all widths
  • Water resistance (optional)
  • Flame retardant (optional)
  • UV Resistance ((optional))
  • White 10 gr/m2 - 70 gr/m2
  • Navy Blue 35 gr/m2
  • Black 50 gr/m2
  • Yellow 70 gr/m2
  • Blue 70 gr/m2
  • Green 70 gr/m2
  • Black 70 gr/m2
  • Lilac 70 gr/m2
  • Beige 90 gr/m2
  • Cream 100 gr/m2
  • Grey 100 gr/m2