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MRJ Export Co. Ltd.

“MRJ Export” was established on import and export activities in 2009, in Turkey. The foreign trade activities of our company, which was established in Kayseri, have been continuing for 12 years.

MRJ, is your gateway to Turkey and is your global partner. We establish a trust-oriented partnership by bringing local manufacturers together with global customers within the framework of business ethics and honest work. We operates in a appropriate and transparent manner to international trading procedures.

Our goal is provide our customers a cost effective, quality product and timely delivery and Turkey’s foreign trade network, increase market diversity and carry our brand and the name of the brands our cooperates with to the global.

Our core principle is superior business ethics and honest work. We have principle ethical business practices, thereby gaining the trust of clients worldwide. Customer – oriented work is our main goal. We are deeply rooted to our values of commitment and integrity towards our customers. Our customers are our precious, their demands and expectations of them are of utmost importance to us.

  • Food
  • Textile
  • Machine & Raw Materials
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